Friday, November 2, 2012


Good Morning All!  I am a little late in posting... but I must say THANK YOU to all you came to the PRAIRIE MARKET and shopped, visited, or just wanted some fresh ideas!  We had a blast and enjoyed seeing each and every one of you!  It was a rousing SUCCESS!  We now have a full year of scouring the country side for some new "old" finds to up-cycle to treasures!

On a personal note:  All is well in our home and we are doing some remodeling and re-vamping of our home.  Carpet is ordered and on it's way, new paint colors are picked out, and re-styling is underway.  I would like to post some before and after photos of some of these new improvements.  However... sometimes I forget the before(s).  I need to work to keep this mind sharp. 

 So... before I begin this journey... I wanted to add some personal photos to the mix.  Just for fun.  
At The Pumpkin Patch the day after Prairie Market

Playoff WIN!
Last Game for Quin.   
Pumpkin Carving with Papa.  Of course... a football pumpkin!

Halloween Night!
Happy Fall to All!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just a snapshot or 2

Here it is... The evening before the big day.  Our 2nd Annual Prairie Market Sale.  We have just about everything you could want.  If you don't see it... just ask.  We may not have it, we may have it, we may know how to get it, or know someone who has it.  Whew!  With that said let's take a gander...

Does Deb of Twicenice Rock or What?
Do I have some talented friends, or what?

Even some Christmas goodies!

Some things you may have seen before... But we have plenty of new things too!

Suzanne of Srobinsnest can fluff and create
like the dickens!
Kirsten the Ruffled Peony comes up with the cutest ideas!

This is just a "smackerel"!  Visit our show tomorrow, Oct.11th or Saturday, October 12th for your some great Christmas gift ideas and treasures.  We are located at 9607 Fairby Dr. in Gretna, NE.  This is just east of 204th and Cornhusker.   Come and say "Hello"!   We will have a cup of coffee waiting or  a bottle of water.  Remember... No admission fee and we would love to see you there!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Prairie Market Annual Sale October 12th and 13th

Good Morning All!  Long time no post.  I know I am pretty awful at this consistent posting business.  I will be taking a some classes at our local APPLE store in the near future.  This should hopefully boost my confidence and knowledge.  With that said... Our annual show is coming up this coming weekend.  We have some new and creative things as well as some of your favorites!  Shall I give you a little taste?

Pedestal Bowls and File cabinets 
Okay... Here are a few teasers
Tables and chairs and magnetic boards... OH MY!

Set of 4 Stacking Chairs with a Midwest Motif!

Who wouldn't want a Christmas Porch Chair?

One of many magnetic boards

Chevron inspired dresser
Mirrors and Seasonal decor
Subway Art inspired upholstered chair.

Authentic Antique Typewriter Key Jewelry

Original end tables and conversation table
One of a kind Jewelry
Seasonal and inspirational farmhouse windows.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tomorrow is the BIG day.

 Tomorrow is the BIG day.  Well, actually... the mini-sale day for our group.  We are having a clearing out and making room for more creations.  The items are ready, the Prairie Pickers are ready, and hopefully the weather will be ready!  Our sale will be from 9 to 6 tomorrow, Saturday April 28th, 2012.  Come out to see us and maybe do a little shopping for Mother's Day.

We will be located at the same location:  
9607 Fairby Dr.
Gretna, NE.

East from 204th and Cornhusker. 

We will be raffling off a small basket of a sampling of our goodies!
Who doesn't want a a chance at a freebie? 


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Day on the Hunt!

A wonderful morning and lunch with my partner in crime, Deb of  We hit a garage sale, thrift stores, and a few Goodwills.  Deb found many a treasure, and I found but a few.  But,  they are good treasures.  Wood, wood, and more wood.  I can't seem to pass up a lazy susan or some wooden fruit to upcycle.  I found this AWESOME small table.  I am just itching to get it painted and ready for sale.  My Mom has been quite a God-send, putting initial coats of paint on items and waxing her little heart out!   She works for chocolate shakes which are totally in my budget!  I am off to work on some treasures!  Oh, Happy Day!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Long Time, No Hear... But, now I am back!

4 of the 5 of us!

Hello out there in BLOGLAND!  After much bally-hoo, I am back.  We had an incredible show in October and met many wonderful people.  
Our show was quite successful, and we learned many things within its process:
 1) What a great bunch of ladies! 

   2) Our customers are FABULOUS!

   3)  We couldn't have done it without our wonderful husbands!                                                                      
Thank Goodness for Super Smart Spouses!
Now to the serious stuff:
As you may notice, I haven't been on here since October.  Well, there is an explanation for that...LIFE!
All the uncertainty of unplanned things dropping in your lap and effecting everything around you.
The fall and winter have not been very kind to this ol' girl.  However, with much prayer, and prayers from everyone, family and friends... I have made it through a most difficult season!  To sum up:  My oldest son got married (with only a 5 day notice) to his high school sweetheart while home on leave.  MRI's, CTscans, 2 surgeries, my youngest having a major seizure, bronchittis, infections, confinement to bed, pain, and the uncertainty of more surgeries.  PHEW!  Isn't that enough?  So... I was on major bed rest, but it wasn't the "Oh, I am bored what shall I do?" kind, it was the "I am in so much pain... I can't even move!" kind.
Son and Daughter in Law

 Did I mention that it was also FOOTBALL 
SEASON!  Okay, that is big in our home!
Cheering for his brother!
We play football, watch football, practice 
football, eat, sleep, and breath football.
We love FOOTBALL! 

As I was finally returning to some sense of normalcy... My AWESOME friend DEB (, brought me over a chair she found that needed a little TLC.  Once I was able to finally be up and about... It served as my Rehab Chair.  Getting me back in the swing of things!  She really knew what this girl needed!
I'll post some transition photos soon!

Some pedestal bowls that I did for our house

So with all that said... I am still praying for health, knowledge, and patience! 

PS.  Thanks Deb, for kicking my butt in gear!