Friday, November 2, 2012


Good Morning All!  I am a little late in posting... but I must say THANK YOU to all you came to the PRAIRIE MARKET and shopped, visited, or just wanted some fresh ideas!  We had a blast and enjoyed seeing each and every one of you!  It was a rousing SUCCESS!  We now have a full year of scouring the country side for some new "old" finds to up-cycle to treasures!

On a personal note:  All is well in our home and we are doing some remodeling and re-vamping of our home.  Carpet is ordered and on it's way, new paint colors are picked out, and re-styling is underway.  I would like to post some before and after photos of some of these new improvements.  However... sometimes I forget the before(s).  I need to work to keep this mind sharp. 

 So... before I begin this journey... I wanted to add some personal photos to the mix.  Just for fun.  
At The Pumpkin Patch the day after Prairie Market

Playoff WIN!
Last Game for Quin.   
Pumpkin Carving with Papa.  Of course... a football pumpkin!

Halloween Night!
Happy Fall to All!

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